There are millions of dormant Christians whom God is wanting to use now and in the future.

What would your church look like with all generations maximizing their impact for God’s Kingdom?

Most Christians tend to follow the world’s pattern of rest and self-pampering during retirement. However, their last quarter could be focused on God’s unique call to love, serve, and help others. In fact, it could be their best season if they take advantage of a life’s worth of knowledge and experience combined with a greater freedom of time and money. The Live with Meaning Foundation is fueling a “Retirement Reformation” that encourages Christians to find and follow God’s call in all seasons and aspects of life. 

Did you know that retirement can last 30 years?

The Live with Meaning Foundation offers inspiring events centered on spiritual growth and preparing for the future. Events can be tailored to specific age groups and/or key topics including:

  • Longevity
  • Saving Motivation
  • Purpose & Meaning
  • Financial Preparation
  • Finding & Fulfilling Your Calling
  • Family Dynamics

In addition, you can choose from different event styles such as one-day or weekend retreats, workshops, staff lunches, and pulpit supply.

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